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Star Teacher Festival 2018

Leyla Jouvana & Roland - The organizer & Festival artists
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Leyla Jouvana & Roland Jouvana - Award winning dancer & percussionist

Leyla  Jouvana (state-approved dancer & stage choreographer, officially recognized C.O.D.E.education trainer, Belly Dancer & Zumba instructor - Belgrad/GER) &
Roland (state-approved drummer from Germany),
one of the most thought after artist duo in the world with numerous Awards such as:
Halima Award (Germany): "Shimmy Queen", "one of the best dancers in Europe, one of the most successful and largest Orient. Dance studios in Germany, one of the most successful and largest Orient. Festivals in Europe "(annually End of Nov./beginning December- in Duisburg / Germany with a record crowd of 4,500 spectators)
The Giza-Akademy (LA) awarded Leyla entitled "Best Live dancer and drum solo performer"!
Belly Dancer of the world in 2007-2015 (groups, Ensemble Leyla with the choreographies of Leyla)
The Government of Duisburg awarded Leyla & Roland with the "Silver coin" for their appreciated cultural work in/for Duisburg, received November 2010 at the 20th OFE in Duisburg Rheinhausenhalle from the Major of the city of Duisburg Mr. Kocallar

Interview mit Leyla Jouvana


Marta Korzun - (UKR/RUS)


We proudly present Marta Korzun

Marta is a belly dance star from Ukraine, one of the most prestigious master teacher and bellydancer in the world.

She is a unique performer and teacher of Raks El Sharqi, has her own unique individual style.

She started her career in 2006. During this time she was taking part in different competitions in Ukraine and abroad, including Cairo.

She attended a lot of workshops with such a great masters of oriental dance as Kazafy, Raqia Hassan, Mahmoud Reda, Khaled Mahmoud, Randa Kamel, Wael Mansour,Yousry Sharif, Aida Nur, Lubna Emam, Amir Thaleb, Hatem Hamdy and many others, including Ukrainian and Russian famous teachers.

From USA to Japan, from Europe to Australia - her work is known and loved all over the world! Beautiful lines of hands, sculpted accents, spectacular posture and of course the extraordinary charisma! All this just make you fall in love with Marta and recharge a lot of energy !!!

Variety of movements, exclusive technique, complex elements in the hips (and belly), beautiful and exquisite work hands - all this Marta.


She is a magnificent, talented and fascinating dancer! Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the best to upgrade your own style of dance!

Munique Neith  (BRA/ES)

 munique klein

Munique Neith is considered a Superstar in the Oriental Dance. She is Brazilian from Arab descent and one of the most prestigious masters and belly dancers in the world, with years of International experience. Known by her didactical skill and her elegant dance, she travelled around the world teaching and performing belly dancing in international festivals in countries like Egypt, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Morocco, Mozambique, USA, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and in the main cities in Spain.

Actually living in Barcelona, she is the director of Munique Neith's Oriental Dance Academy, the biggest school in Europe exclusively for belly dancing, with more than 800 students. As a Master, she gives regular classes at her school, professional courses for teachers (in Barcelona, Portugal, Germany and Mexico) and she is the responsible in the training of many actual recognized belly dancers in Spain and around the world.

Munique Neith is also the organizer of the prestigious International Oriental Dance Festival "Egypt in Barcelona", that join together every year the best teachers and dancers from the five continents.

Ebru Bekker (RUS
 EbruBekker NeuWeb klein

Ebru is a famous dancer from St. Petersburg. She is a daughter of the famous teacher-choreographer-dancer - Natalie Becker .

Since childhood Ebru has been engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, classical choreography and modern dances (hip-hop, disco).

Certified teacher and choreographer. Ebru is a soloist and tutor of the ensemble «Oasis Dance» and of the dancing project «Russian Bellydance Superstars». The winner of many international festivals. The winner of the World Cup 2012. (IDO).

Two-time World Champion 2014/2015 (IDO)

Ebru's Dance is the embodiment of beauty, harmony, exceptional technique and artistry. Her repertoire boggles the imagination with its diversity. Tours: Morroco, Germany, Turkey, Korea, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Ukraine, Belarus, Japan, China, France, Mexico, Singapore and many Russian cities.

Ebru`s Interview, Magazine Hagalla

Alla Vatc (RUS) - Miss BD St. Petersburg
Alla Vatc klein

Alla Vatc is a popular Russian bellydancer and dance instructor, one of the leading teachers at "Arabesque" Oriental Dance Studio at St. Petersburg.

Alla is the first runner-up at Miss Bellydance St. Peterburg beaty pageant & dance competition, the winner and runner-up of many and various national and international dance competitions including Cairo Mirage Festival (Moscow) and Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival's Winter Teachers Course (Cairo). Alla is founder and organizer of the "Cairo Stars Festival" in China.

Three times she has attended internationally recognized Teachers' Training Course annually held by Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival in Cairo. Alla has teached workshops in Russia, China, Colombia, Egypt, Belarus etc. From 2014 Alla is master teacher at Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival (Cairo). Also, she is an official represantative of Oriental Dance Teachers & Dancers Int Union "CAIRO MIRAGE BELLYDANCE UNION" in Shanghai China.


Serkan Tutar (TUR/BEL) - Male Bellydancer of the World

serkan tutar 25-min

 International award winning bellydancer & teacher.

“Male Bellydancer of the world 2008” and winner of “Brandon Oasis 2006”

Organizer of Rakkas Istanbul International Oriental Dance Festival.


A 10 year old Turkish boy arrives in Arabic countries. Living there for 3 years, he gets charmed by the oriental dances of the Arabic women on festivities such as weddings. The sound of their music touched his soul and opened his door to dance. Back in Turkey, he goes deeply into the Egyptian and Turkish style bellydance. The working out process on especially body sensation, muscle control and ligthness gets its reward when Serkan performs for the first time at the age of 17.


Not only in Turkey but also in Germany his numerous performances are a great success and soon he decides to share his experience by teaching the dance that has swept away his hart. After developing himself and educating others in Turkey (Istanbul, Izmir, Kusadasi) and Germany ,

he enters the millennium in Belgium.


He has performed and instructed workshops all over Belgium, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Germany, France, Egypt, England, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Greece , Holland , Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden, Switzerland, Bosnia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Russia, USA, Alaska, ....And more.

He is teaching Turkish style bellydance, Modern Egyptian style, Baladi, Saidi, Shaabi, Turkish Gypsy style, Veil dance (double and single) , His signature “Crazy drum solo’s”, and many more dance styles.

He is continue to dance and give workshops in all over the world.



Nadia Nikishenko (RUS) - Fusion Superstar & BD of the World 
NadiaNikishenko DozentinFestival hoch  

Nika Mlakar (SLO) - World Champ & Bellydancer of the World 


Nika has always been a very curious person who has showed interest for various areas, especially the arts. When still a little girl, she was a roller skater, she danced in a ballet group, she tried herself in singing, she played a violin and performed in a theatre. But it was the dancing that prevailed –making Nika never to have lost her enthusiasm over dancing, and her wish to achieve more and become the best had only intensified with years. In fact, it was the belly dance that has taken all her attention, love, passion and dedication. She started dancing the belly dance at the age of eleven and at the age of fifteen she started her own career with the aim to integrate various dancing techniques and perform together with Slovenian and foreign dancers. During this period she dedicated her time to hip-hop classes, modern dance, show dance and modern dancing techniques. She demonstrated her knowledge in dancing at various events and at competitions. Her talent and admiration of the belly dance has led her to win several titles at various levels. Thus, in addition to receiving the title of the World Junior Champion in Classic Belly Dancing in 2008 she also became the World Junior Vice-Champion in modern dancing technique.

Her love for dancing, persistence and hard work brought her to the Art Gymnasium for Modern Dance in Ljubljana. She grew quickly, personally and as a dancer, during this period of time, but she consistently refused to abandon the stylization, and particularly the belly dance which, in addition to the modern dancing technique, she loved the most. This is why she was seeking for new and new challenges in belly dancing, both at home and abroad. She joined Manca Pavli and her Amaya dance company, featuring also as a solo performer. After the successfully passed audition in 2011, she took part at the European Tour of the Bellydance Evolution Group which was managed by the world renowned dancer, Jillina. Nika won the greatest European belly dance competition organised by Leyla Jouvana as much as three times, having been awarded the title of the Belly Dancer of the Year; in addition, she also won the prestigious competition in Blackpool organised by Bellydance Superstars. At the same time she participated at competitions organised by IDO. In the period from 2008 to 2014, Nika had defended the title of the junior and adult national champion of the classic and show category, and in 2013 she won the world championship in show solo orient in adult categories, and in 2014 Nika became the Adult World Champion in classic solo orient category. Nika is the only dancer in the world who may be praised for winning the title of the Junior and the Adult World Champion in IDO.

Beside regular participation on workshops of various dance styles, she completed: 8 Elements™: Recognition of Initiation, which was designed and implemented by Rachel Brice, a world renowned dancer of Tribal fusion orient technique; Phase 3: Dance Teacher certification, implemented by Slovenian Dance Organisation; Journey through Egypt phase 1&2 by anthropologist and world renowned dancer in classical oriental dance, Sahra Saeeda.

It is her wish to be as creative as possible in her dancing and to connect and unitee everybody who shares her wishes. She is also the author of two dance productions: "Layali al Sharq" was the show in which only belly dancers performed whereas "Seven" was the performance in which several dancing techniques were combined and to which Nika's sister Sara Mlakar, Roman Urek, a hip-hop dancer and Boštjan Špehonja, a latin and standard dancer, contributed their choreography designs and ideas. Sharing her knowledge with others, she holds training sessions and workshops regularly organised by ProDC in Nova Gorica and by Libero Dance Centre in Ljubljana, and she teaches at workshops all over the world (Europe, Asia,...).

Nika feels the best when she dances the belly dance, both the classical and tribal fusion techniques; and yet, she loves to link the belly dancing with other dancing techniques, particularly with some methods used by modern dancing technique and the ballet, which she combines with the wellness philosophy that she currently studies.


Amira Abdi (UKR) -  Bellydancer of the World
AmiraAbdi4 web




Dance Awards: Ukraine belly dance and folklore dance champion in 2005 and 2006, owner of the title Renaissance of the Dance in Bastet International Festival in 2006, vice Bellydancer of the World 20012, folklore dance

At the age of 8 Amira started practicing classical ballet and folklore dances. At the age of 14 after visiting her relatives in the Middle East she fell in love with oriental culture and started studying oriental dance together with Arabic language, history and art.
In order to learn more about eastern culture Amira has traveled all over the Middle East. She improved her skills in oriental and Egyptian folklore dance by taking private classes with Mahmoud Reda and Raqia Hassan. Amira Abdi graduated from National Academy of Culture and Arts with a degree of B.F.A. in folklore choreography and has 15 years of teaching
In 2002 she founded the first oriental dance school in Kiev and created her own method of teaching stage oriental dance combining traditional Egyptian approach with classical ballet, yoga and sport techniques. Since 2000 till now Amira performs in official concerts, different shows of international level and takes part in TV shows. Since 2007 she is a member of jury of international competitions
In 2009 Amira Abdi founded the first professional oriental dance ensemble in Ukraine, which won numerous awards in Ukrainian and International dance competitions.
In 2017 Dance Ensemble under the direction of Amira Abdi was officially awarded by honored title Peoples Dance Ensemble.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wezyBETLAS0) ; (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4giuRFboy4)
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E35tzGhjLjg) ;



Svetare (CH)  
IMG 8640

Svetare (Svetlana Regli) is Switzerland's most famous Bellydance artist. She is a university teacher of gymnastics and sport, international professional bellydancer, teacher, judge, choreographer and organizer of international Oriental Dance festival RaqSSwiss.

Svetare is director of one the largest Dance schools in Switzerland and the founder and artistic director ensemble "Svetare`s Group".

After winning the Casting competition Svetare has been involved in 2 productions of Jillina`s Bellydance Evolution Shows and has performed in the most famous theaters in Europe.

In 2015 in Switzerland she was dancing the leading role of “Cheshire Cat”. She is a winner of famous talent competition Ticino Got Talent Switzerland.

At the young age of 4, she began to dance and over the years has studied various dance styles such as ballet, modern dance, jazz, bollywood, Latin American dance, hip-hop, flamenco etc. Svetare successfully completed levels 1 and 2 of the prestigious “Suhaila Salimpour School"

Svetare regularly teaches and performes in the biggest festivals worldwide and is very appreciated for her modern and elegant dynamic dance style.

more info about Svetare :  www.svetare.com

 Pauline Ata (FR) - Bellydancer of the World Solo & Group Tribal Fusion 2014


I began bellydance with my mother, who had also been teaching bellydance for several years. While i had prefered "boy's" activities (viet vo dao and skateboard) in my teens, i discovered the pleasure of dance later in her twenties. My first lesson brought new sensations that left her addicted:I never stopped ever since.

I passed my teacher degree with Khaled Seif, a man who know to inspire his students into teaching.
I was brought up in world music culture, so I went naturally toward tribal fusion, a perfect blend of ethnic music and bellydance.
While developping my tribal fusion style, i got into tahitian dance. As there was very few teachers at that time, i followed Joelle Berg's workshops everytime she went to France, several times a year.
Joelle Berg is a teacher with a degree from the Conservatoire de danse polynesienne of Tahiti. I followed her teachings for several years, both in France and in Tahiti, during the heiva, to be in immersion with the culture and learn more about. 
There i received my title: Hinemarama (light woman). It means that i was formed to teach the traditionnal dance with authentic tahitian teacher, in Tahiti.I created two dance troops: Tangerine dance troop, created in 2009, which is specialized in bellydance fusion, and Hinemarama dance in 2015 , which is specialized in tahitian style. I am the choregrapher of several shows, inspired from several styles, like 'retro-orient', a show with a retro vintage touch, or 'belly-mandala' wich was created based on the mental and physical shape of a mandala.Tangerine won several awards at leyla jouvana contest, like second place in troup fusion fantasy in 2014, i won the fisrt place solo tribal fusion in the same year. Last year we won the third place in classical group and fusion too.


Elisa Saha (DE)

In 2007 Elisa found her passion for bellydance and since then not only focusses on Oriental Dances but also Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion Bellydance and Indian Dances/Fusion. Her main interest was dancing in groups and the fun of the classical improvisation. She completed her certificate as a BlackSheep BellyDance Level 1 teacher in 2012 and gives weekly classes in Wuppertal. Attending weekly and monthly national and international classes in Tribal Fusion, ATS, Oriental Dances and Indian Dances/Fusion she completed the ProTrack in August 2016 at Tribal Umrah, a weeklong dance intensive with renown teachers like Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Samantha Emanuel, Ashley Lopez and many more.

In 2015 she strived to teach Tribal Fusion classes in Wuppertal and since 2017 also Oriental Dance in Düsseldorf and now at Leyla Jouvanas & Rolands Center for Oriental Dance in Duisburg/Germany . Her passion to dance with others next to her Solo dancing brought her to dance in Leyla Jouvana's show group and Cristina Zegarra's 'Coaldust'. Other important projects are her
collaboration with her aunt Heike Humphreys aka Akasha, the BlackSheep BellyDance duet 'Crystal Moon' and her joining Lisa Müller-Albrecht's 'Con-Fusion' in 2017.

Her personal style combines her love for alternative music and the play with the classical and unusual movement repertoire from the interest in natural religion, subculture and her favourite ages, Jugendstil and 1970's.

2012 BlackSheep BellyDance Teacher Certficate Level 1
2014 Teacher of  BlackSheep BellyDance in Wuppertal
2014/2015 Dancer in Leyla Jouvana's Show Group, Bellydancer of the World 2014/15 Dancer in the Bollywood-Project of Sophia Chariarse
2015 Teacher Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Wuppertal, Germany ; Mitglied der Gruppe 'Coaldust', Bellydancer of the World 2015/2016
BlackSheep Duo with Heike Humphreys (memberof BlackSheep BellyDance)
2016 Member of the BlackSheep BellyDance Duo 'Crystal Moon' 
Abschluss des ProTrack 2016 (Professional Track) bei Tribal Umrah
2017 Teacher for Oriental Dance and Tribal Bellydance in Dance studio Osiris
2017 Teacher for Tribal, Tribal Fusion & Black Sheep Belly Dance & Showgroup In Leyla Jouvanas & Rolands Centre for Orient. Dance in Duisburg, Germany


Johanna Johara Candan (GER) - 3rd BD of the World 2017 Solo Classic Oriental 

 johara candan web

Johanna Johara Candan is an oriental Bellydancer living in Rheinberg, near by Wesel, Germany and instructor in Leyla Jouvana´s & Roland´s Oriental dance school.


Dancing was always a big part of her life, already as a little child she felt every beat. Even in her young age, she danced in a show-group. And very soon, she knew in which direction her heart and hips will go: the oriental Bellydance.

To evolve her passion even further, she visited Leyla Jouvanas Dance-School in Duisburg, where she immediately joined the Show-Group. Many trophys and awards can be seen in a showcase as a result of their efforts.

2017 was the time to shine and she made the stage to her stage! Her ambition, talent and the never-ending support of Leyla Jouvana has everybody astonished. Just in her first appearance as a solo artist, she won the third place in the Contest Bellydancer oft he World, category classic/oriental.

Johanna Johara Candan also decided to share her passion and skills with other students and is about to make an apprenticeship as a C.O.D.E. Instructor, while she‘s teaching the Bellydance-Fitness class and representing Leyla Jouvana when she is  on tour.