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Classes/WS & Dates 2020 

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Zumba Fitness


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Latest Dates 

Join me online! We dance online,
via skype Live Stream. Info here

And we offer Downloads!


We wish you a Happy New Year!



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We offer online classes & workshops livestreams (skype)
as well as videos for download

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*** 27. OFE Oriental Festival of Europe Lockdown Version ***



Nov. 23rd - 29th in 2020
Superstars Intensive-Week - Lockdown Version 
Certified Oriental Dance Education (C.O.D.E.)
with Leyla Jouvana & Roland
 Certificate and Exam possible! - Atention: You can also book single workshops!


Lockdown Version 27 OFE



Lockdown Flyer 2020 EN web


Online Workshop Registration

Workshop Programme with Leyla Jouvana

Flyer for download

General information about our Online Classes (German FAQ) 

We are looking forward to see you!

Yours Leyla & Roland Jouvana 


Online Classes Poster OFE November 2020



(only 5-8 min. by car  to Duisburg Centre)

New Event-Location

Festival Info


Our 27th OFE is taking place! Now as OFE Exclusive in Duisburg Wedau due to current situation! 
As many Events are and continue to be cancelled worldwide we want to create a secure, safe and risk free Event for all involved, artists, participants & organizer. 
As we do not want to cancel our event in last moment due to Force Majeure o. a. we change the location of the entire Festival and move with the Shows, Contest and Workshops now from Nov 23 - 30 in 2020 into our dance school.
We and you can look forward to all our wonderful Stars as well end of November as also now at our Summer Festival with more stars at BD BBQ including SIW CODE Deluxe all in Duisburg Wedau.
You can check out the entire programm soon at our website. Yours Leyla Jouvana & Roland



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Summer 2020

Due to the worldwide situation the actual dates will be stated at a later time

Belly Dance Barbecue BD BBQ 2020  (FEEDBACK BD BBQ 2019)

with Starguest Foxycat Alice (Hongkong), Leyla Jouvana & Roland

and many more Stars & Guests - Open Air & Indoor


& Superstars Intensiv-Workshop-Woche (SIW CODE Deluxe) 2020

with Fusion Superstar Foxycat Alice (Hongkong)

& Leyla Jouvana & Roland


Tickets for BD BBQ  & workshop Registration already available. 

We are looking forward welcoming you!

Yours Leyla & Roland Jouvana 

 BD BBQ Plakat neutral de




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Info & Details - 26th Dance Festival of Europe OFE



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