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Contest Info

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Attention! New Event-Location


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Dear festival visitors!

It's time for something new!

Since the previous hall is no longer available to us, and we would like to make it even more pleasant and even more enjoyable for all participants and visitors, we have decided to organize all festival activities (shows, trade fair, contest, workshops, overnight stays, catering, Social program, etc.) under one roof. We are pleased to announce that we have booked the entire Congress Center Oberhausen for our 27th OFE for 2020. An excellent location with excellent transport links, which meets all expectations and exceeds all your expectations!

We look forward to an even grandiose, nicer and more enjoyable OFE in 2020!

Since the CCO only had an appointment for us until the end of November 2020, there will be the following new and wonderful events in Duisburg-Wedau before the festival:

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JUNE 2020

Belly Dance Barbecue BD BBQ 20.06.20  (FEEDBACK BD BBQ 2019)

with Starguest Foxycat Alice (Hongkong), Leyla Jouvana & Roland

and many more Stars & Guests - Open Air & Indoor


& Superstars Intensiv-Workshop-Woche (SIW CODE Deluxe) 15.-22.06.20

with Fusion Superstar Foxycat Alice (Hongkong)

& Leyla Jouvana & Roland


Tickets for BD BBQ  & workshop Registration already available. 

We are looking forward welcoming you!

Yours Leyla & Roland Jouvana 






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26th OFE 27th of Nov. - 3rd of Dec. 2018


12th Contest „Bellydancer of the World" on Dec. 1st & 2nd 2018
& Jury Show-Acts & große Messe & Open Stage in Duisburg Rheinhausenhalle

Dec 1: groups Folklore and some Solo disciplines
Dec 2: remaining groups and all other disciplines and categories ( Kids/Junior & Adults)

Competition entries in the following categories, disciplines and styles are allowed:
Classical Oriental, Folklore, Oriental-Fusion/Fantasy, Tribal, Bollywood/Indian


Classical oriental:
Raks Sharki, Arabic, Turkish, Oriental-Pop, with props like zills & veil (for entrance), floor work, Takseem, Drum Solo classical style, cymbals. Also modern/elegant Baladi and classical routines which include short folkloric pieces or entrances with accessories.

Folklore: Egyptian, Arabic, Turkish, Balkan, Eastern, Indian Dance: 
gyptian, Arabic, Turkish, Balkan, Eastern Indian Dance: Saidi-Stick, Candelabra/Shammadan dance, Shaabi, Melaya, Tambourine, Sword (Bedouinstyle - for fusion or tribal sword see the tribal section below), Debke, Andalusian -Arabic, Moorish court dance, Bambouti (spoon dance), Derwish dance/Tanoura, Gypsy dance (Folk), Karshliamar, Ghawazee, Hagalla, Persian, Usbek, Tadjik, Zaar (trance), Saudi or Khaleegy, Iraki, traditional Balady, Fallahi etc.

All tribal styles / tribal Fusion are allowed in this section with or without props, with Choreography or Improvisation: Fat Chance Belly Dance, ATS, ITS, Black Sheep, Gothic, Tribal sword and floor work, etc.

Oriental Fusion/Fantasy
Oriental mixed/fused f. e.with spanish/flamenco, Rumba, Tango (all latino dances) Jazz, modern dance, Afro, Samba, Bellywood (oriental with Bollywood), acrobatic, Ballet, feather boa, candles, Pharaonic dance, Isis-veil dance, fanveils, Voi poi and all veil dances/stiles, Drum solo mix/fusion with other dance styles, etc.

Bollywood: Indian dance and Bollywood
Several Disciplines can be considered together depending on no. of contestants!

Several categories can be considered together - please specify on application
Solo m/f, Duet m/f, Group ( 3-7 people), Formation ( more than 8 people)

Age Range:
tots to age 6, kids to age 11 ( maybe judged together depending on number
of contestants), junior (age 12-15), adults (16-54), seniors ( 55 + )

Music (licenced music/G.E.M.A- allowed!)
Attention new: GEMA licenced music is now allowed, that means SACEM – music (FRA/LUX) or SABAM (BEL), PRS Music (UK) ASCAP (USA) is now allowed at our Contest. But we do not allow at our festival, to use the "Oriental-Fantasy Music" distributed by B. & H. Cifuentes. Thank you. Please send the music via email in advance but IMPORTANT: please also bring it with you and give it to the technician by arrival and check your entry number together with your music. Length: Solo /Duo max 3,30 minutes and Groups/Formations max 5 minutes.

Performance Duration
Solo/Duet max. 3,3 minutes and maximum 5 minutes for groups/formations - limit may be shortened depending on the number of contestants. Recognisably Oriental music or percussion or classics

Your entry will be judged on the following points:
1) Choreography - so please do tell us if you are using someone else's choreography!
2) Music, theme and rhythm interpretation
3) Technique
4) Timing & Synchronism (duo/group/formations dances)
5) Stage presence & Expression
6) Look, Presentation, Costume (NB. how well it fits with your act & music/style)
7) Group dances will be judged as a whole - short solos in a group dance are allowed
but should not overshadow the group performance.

Running order and rules
Round one - performance to own or named choreography, judged.
Round two - Soloists only if time allows: Drum solo - Improvisation to percussion
Round 2 can be cancelled in case of too many registrations!

To make it fun for both audience and participants and avoid getting into a "dance marathon" judges decision on each round will be final and there will not be separate "quarter" or "semi" final rounds. The dancer with the highest points across the rounds wins! In case of too many registrations, the round 2 will be cancelled. We will inform you in this case early enough.

Our dance jury will consist of highly competent and objective world dance stars & Winner BD of the World, especially selected for their fairness and consideration. They are for example:
Martha Korzun (UKR/RUS), Munique Neith (BRA/ES), Alla Vatc (China/RUS), Serkan Tutar (TUR/B), Nika Mlakar (SLO), Ebru Bekker (RUS), Nadia Nikishenko (RUS), Amira Abdi (UKR), Svetare (CH), Pauline Ata (FR), Lauriane (FR), Ula Milunovic (SLO), Laetizia (GER), Helen Saida (Georgia) and Leyla Jouvana herself, etc. The winner will be announced over the tannoy after we have seen all performances in your discipline/category. Dancer with the highest points at the end is the winner and the top five will be announced. Note : on grounds of fairness, no jury member will judge any group or student of their own, should they take part (another jury member will judge instead of). Audience please note : the strength of your reaction and applause will also be taken into consideration when judging!

Attention New: the judges copies/judging results of your personal judging and your personal comments with feedback will be forwarded to you after the contest instead of giving you a feedback via email!

Show-Acts and Workshops/CODE with World Class Stars:
During the contest we will also have a chance to enjoy the dancing of our Jury and much more world dance stars with workshops from Nov 27 through to Dec 3 in 2018 in the centre for oriental dance in Claubergstrasse 20 – 22, 47051 Duisburg

The Prizes!
Every winner gets an Award/Certificate, a title and a specific individual prize from the
list below (more to come!)

Contest Partners & Actual Contest Prizes
Every winner gets an Award/Certificate, a title and a specific individual prize from the list below (more to come soon)
- Chance to appear in one Show of OFE in the Rheinhausenhalle in 2019/2020
- Invitation to teach at one of our future Events/Festival (Solo of our choice), Summer 2019/2020!
- Invitation to judge at our future Contest BD of the World (Solo Classical)
- Solo winner: Invitation to teach and perform & Fullpass in Florida, Orlando @ Stellaradvantage
- Performance t & Full pass @ the following internat, Festivals :
- NL/Amsterdam Festival Info Aisa Lafour
- Sevastopol Festival Info Marta Korzun in Ukraine
- Oasis Dance Festival in Sankt Petersburg
- Polen Dance Weekend Info Aliah & Vladimir Kluchenkov August 2018
- Ah Ya Elbi Festival in Polen Oct 2019
- Moskau El Khadiya Festival – ND Project Agency
- Festival Amira Abdi - Kiev
- Egyptian Dance Festival 2019" in Egypt www.egyptiandancefestival.com 1. Place Solo Oriental: 30% discount oft he full pass & 25 % for Solo Winner Folklore
- 1. Place Platz Group Oriental OR Folklore: 10% discount of the fullpass for every person in ghe group( without flight ).
- solo raks Sharki/classical winner: Full pass for all WS at Bellyqueens Festival of Anisoara in Rimini/Italy 2019/2020 ,

+ Performance at the Superstar Gala Show +Hotel
+ opportunity to teach in 2019/2020! Contact:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , www.anisoarachitu.jimdo.com , www.bellyqueensfestival.jimdo.com
- one group or Formation winner: International contest in Budapest, free participation, Studio Mahasti in Budapest February or summer 2019/2020
- Raks Sharqi winner: Studio Photosession (value of 300 Euro) André Elbing
- For each winner of each category and discipline 1 picture from the Contest in format 20x30 cm in 300 dpi (digitale Data) from André Elbing
- Mermaid 2018 Award - by Andre Elbing : Under Water Photo Session
- Your choice of Professional costume from Isis Bazaar
- Vouchers for classes and WS with Leyla Jouvana
- Our Show-Videos from the Oriental Festivals of Europe
- 3 vouchers for 3 month free advertizement at online magazin www.hagalla.de (each 165 Euros!)
- A voucher for 100 Euros from Polina
- 4 voucher (50,- & 25,-) from www.melinavonhofmann.de Juchheim Kosmetik
- A voucher for a costume for 300 Euros from Orientalische Sterne M. El Gnainy
- Voucher from Majorelle
- Vocher 2 x 50,- Silver jewelery from Zargar
- Voucher for a costume from Fayoum
- Voucher 3 x 50 Euros from Nela
NB - only one prize per winner! – subject to further alterations

Contest Fees up to 31.10.18:
Groups & Formations p.p. in Euro:
20,- registration fee p.p. (Attention special discount: 15 Euros will be reimboursed/deducted for buying your personal night Gala ticket for Dec 1 exclusively)
+ 11,- licence to participate p. P.
+ 11,- per person and for each entry/performance

Duo & solo p.p.
20,- registration fee p.p. (Attention special discount: 15 Euros will be reimboursed/deducted for buying your personal night Gala ticket for Dec 1 exclusively)
+ 11,- licence to participate p. P.
+ 15,- per person and for each entry/performance
+ booking of minimum 3 Festival WS for solo/entry and minimum 2 WS for Duo p.p./entry

Contest Fees after 31.10.18:
Groups & Formations p.p. in Euro:
25,- registration fee p.p. (Attention special discount: 15 Euros will be reimboursed/deducted for buying your personal night Gala ticket for Dec 1 exclusively)
+ 11,- licence to participate p. P.
+ 22,- per person and for each entry/performance

Duo & Solo p.p.
25,- registration fee p.p. (Attention special discount: 15 Euros will be reimboursed/deducted for buying your personal night Gala ticket for Dec 1 exclusively)
+ 11,- licence to participate p. P.
+ 30,- per person and for each entry/performance
+ booking of minimum 3 Festival WS for solo/entry and minimum 2 WS for Duo p.p./entry Adults

Conditions of Booking/Registration
Booking by official booking form/written booking only to the address above.
A refund is possible in case of inability to attend but this MUST be notified to the organisers in writing AT LEAST TEN DAYS before the workshop/contest (Minus registration fees of 20/25 Euros for the contest p.p. and - 10 Euros registration fees for the WS per person). No refund is possible after this time although your workshop/contest registration can be transferred; again please notify us of the details of the new workshop participant/contestant in writing. WS changings 10 days before or during the WS/festivals: 5 euros per WS changing. thank you. Please note we are not insured for your personal possessions – please keep them with you at all times while in the venues.

With your written booking you agree with the conditions.

Payment by bank transfer. reference Contest/Festival 2018
Leyla Jouvana
Name of the bank: Stadtsparkasse Duisburg, Filiale Koloniestrasse
Address of the bank: Koloniestrasse, 47057 Duisburg, Germany
IBAN: DE93 3505 0000 0227 0003 04

Video Policy:
Filming is not allowed at the festival and at the Contest. Attention: A Media team will be filming the contest and your own performance will be available at the fair right after your performance. Please take it with you to avoid waiting times or postage. But still possible to order later via email. Info for last year filming Vladimir Kluchenkov, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contest & Show ticket prices for the audience

Saturday Dec 1

Afternoon Gala I (Contest I & Superstar Jury Show Acts I):
20 Euro in advance or 23,- on the door for the whole afternoon including the fair, Contest I with some groups (disciplines to be announced), Judges Show acts Part I
- 10 Euros exclusive discount if you buy a second ticket for one of the other shows

Grand Night Gala with World Stars:
29,- /31,-/34,- in advance

Combo day ticket Saturday Dec 2 (both shows)
Afternoon Gala I & Grand Night Gala: 39,-/41,-/44,- in advance

Fair both days possible! Sa & So 10,- in advance per day

Sunday Dec 2

Noon Gala II (Contest II & Superstar Jury Show Acts II):
20 Euro in advance or 23,- on the door including the fair, Contest Part II with kids, junior, remaining groups, some formations and internat Jury/Judges Show acts Part II
- 10 Euros exclusive discount if you buy a second ticket for one of the other shows

Afternoon Gala III (Contest III & Superstar Jury Show Acts III):
Contest with all remaining categories & disciplines, starting with formations – different artists/show
20 Euro in advance or 23,- on the door incl. fair,
- 10 Euros exclusive discount if you buy a second ticket for one of the other shows

Combo day ticket Sunday Dec 2
Contest II & III: Noon & Afternoon Shows: 30,- in advance incl. fair and contest whole day

Fair (both days possible! Sa & So)
10,- in advance per day , this time Sunday also possible!

Dec 1 & 2

Super-Combo ticket all 4 different Shows & Fair & Contest I-III
Sa combo price + 20,- = 59,-/61,-/64,- in advance
Combo tickets are valid for the same person and not shareable

Opening/beginning times :

Saturday Dec 1

Fair: 1 pm – 11 pm
Open stage: 1 pm - 4 pm
Afternoon Gala I, Contest I opening/theatre: 4 pm
Incl. Superstar Jury-Show Acts I &
Contest I groups 4:30/5 pm

Grand Night Gala Show: 7:45 pm, start at 8 pm

Sunday Dec 2

Fair: 12 noon time – 8:30 pm
Open stage: 12 noon time - 1 pm
Noon Gala II, Contest II incl. Superstar
Jury Show Acts II, opening/theatre ca. 1:30 pm
1) Contest II (Kids/Junior & remaining groups)
2) Jury Superstar Show Acts II ca. 3 pm (depends on the no.of kids registrations )

Afternoon Gala Show III, Contest III
Incl. Superstar Jury Show Acts III
& Contest III Starting with formations, then
All other remaining categories/disciplines
Entrance/start 3:45 pm /4 pm
end approx. 8:30 pm-
please check the website/October, when we will have a better idea of how many entries we have. In case of too many registrations the kids/junior contest will start at 1 pm subject to alterations

Venue Shows & Fair:
Rheinhausenhalle Duisburg, Beethovenstr. 20 , 47226 Duisburg

Workshop Venue:
Tanzstudio Leyla Jouvana , Claubergstr. 20 – 22, 47051 Duisburg Centre

Registration form/Booking & Info:
For all contest entries please write to Leyla Jouvana, Claubergstr. 20 -22
47051 Duisburg * Tel & Fax.: +49 - 203/20229 * www.Leyla-Jouvana.de *
e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please make sure to give us the following information when you apply

Name of the applicant/group leader/Dance school/contact person

Address, Tel. No. & e-mail

Name of the choreographer

Name(s) of the performer (soloist/duet/group etc)

Please specify categories by underlining
Solo m/f , Duet ( 2) m/f, Group ( 3 to 7) Formation ( 8 plus)

Discipline: e.g. Oriental, Bollyood, folklore etc.


Have you already won a place at another contest? Where, when? Name, no. of the prize/title/place:

Duration and title, name (CD), composer of your music - please tell us at the latest end October

Style - please tell us at the latest by end October

For groups please tell us the names of ALL participants
Separate information on a separate page for all separate entries please i.e. names of participants, is it solo. duet group etc , what style is it and what discipline, details of music.

Do you need a costume change - please tell us yes or no to make scheduling easier!
Rehearsals on the day will be from about 11 am - more exact details available late summer/early October

Your Festival WS registrations: