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C.O.D.E. Education


C.O.D.E. - Certified Oriental Dance Education


What is C.O.D.E.?

Be a C.O.D.E. breaker with our officially recognized certified oriental dance education.  Yes, we freely admit it - it takes time and work  to crack this CODE and learn the secrets of Oriental dance but you can do it. When you've done it, you will really have achieved something - you will have a certificate to prove it and our good name/state approved to back you up!. And you will have trained with accredited and internationally famous teachers!

Ongoing education - learn as much as you want - no obligation to take exams!

All our workshops & classes are accredited within the C.O.D.E. system and can be booked separately and independently of one another. We can give written proof of any workshops taken and all can be considered as qualified stages in your oriental dance education - even if you never take a formal exam.

How long does the education take?


CODE Intensive weeklong / 4 Modules each 30 WS hours

CODE Folklore/Traditional (CFo) Weeklong             Nov 28 – Dec 4,  2017 (Festival)

CODE Fusion & Props incl. Tribal (CFu) Weeklong   Nov 28 – Dec 4, 2017 (Festival)

CODE Classical (CCL)                                           Nov 28 – Dec 4 in 2017 & Weeklong summer 2018

CODE Rhythms (CRh)                                          Weeklong summer 2018

CODE Longterm:

Its entirely up to you how  far you take your dance education, when and where you take accredited workshops  and which themes and subjects you choose to study. You can easily catch up on any workshops you have missed and  you can book workshops as far apart - or as close together - as it suits you. So long as you have taken 200 workshop hours in total,  you qualify for your full CODE certificate to show that you have completed your dance education.


You can take a more formal exam with us if you wish and get your certification - exams are  on request and the requirements for entry are that you have completed 30 WS hours for each Module (Code intensive/short) including the main topics of each Modul  below or 200 workshop hours (CODE longterm), including  the following compulsory classes:

Technique 1ab and 2ab (CCL), Rhythm 1ab and 2ab (CRh), Choreography 1 and 2,  Drum and Finger cymbal 1 and 2 (CRh), Folklore (CFo), Shimmys (CCL), different Dance styles, Fusion (CFu)  (eg spanish/arabic fusion), Bollywood, Persian, Isis Wings and Veil, Pharaonic, Tribal, Sword, Gypsy, Tambourine; Improvisation, Dance Teaching and Methodology, Health and Safety, Warm Up etc.

Exam fees are 50 Euros per exam in groups or 100 Euros for single - please note, however, that our exams are non profit- making and only your success matters to us - we will not advise you to take the exam before you are fully prepared and only when you have a good chanc to pass the exam.

(Note: Group-exams take place by arrangement with Leyla Jouvana and are subject to a minimum number of  bookings)

Our teachers
Leyla Jouvana & Roland (state approved dancer, stage choreographer /Instructors): Main workshop themes, Raks Sharki/Classical technique, Rhythm and music studies, choreography, drums and cymbals, different dance styles with or without props, folklore , etc.), Soraia Zaied (Cairo), Latifa Nejim (RUS),  Amira Abdi,  (Ukraina -Folkore, Persian Dance, Silk Road a.m.), Foxycat Alice (HK),  Elisa Saha (GER)- Tribal/ Fusion,  incl Warm ups, Yoga health and safety,  preventative medicine through dance. As well as:  Nika Mlakar (SLO), Silvia Salamanca (USA), Ebru Bekker (RUS), Hafida Chader (FR), Vanesa Moreno (ES), Queenie (BEL), Esmii (FR), Kristina Mnoyan (RUS), Lejla Mehmedovic (BIH), Magdy El Leisy, (Egyptian folkloric, all styles CFo) as well as Raqia Hassan (EG) and others.  

All Workshops of our festival teachers are accredited for CODE by prior arrangement

Our festival teachers are personally chosen by the organisers and are recognised as top class teachers and performers in their chosen areas.


CODE is open to anyone who wishes to further their education in oriental dance and/or to take the formal exam. Already practising dance teachers as well as students are welcome to enter for the dance education or the exam. For those wishing to proceed to certificate level we do however, recommend good prior knowledge of oriental dance - for those with lower level of prior knowledge of dance, the probable duration of the dance education through to certificate level can be discussed in advance with the course organisers. We recommend workshops and ongoing courses held in the centre for oriental dance for all C.O.D.E participants.

Our Aims

The aim of our dance education is to produce competent and excellent teachers in oriental dance, to keep up and improve  standards and  to give more people a chance to learn this dance. We are particularly pleased to welcome existing teachers and to develop and support them within the C.O.D.E framework 

Course Materials/DVD

In order to keep costs down for you, only  the workshop hours count towards CODE For the main subjects such as technique, shimmies, rhythm you can also obtain an educational DVD and train in your own time using these materials - although we do recommend developing your own study plan

Please take note of the following festival and Workshop times which are accredited for C.O.D.E


Or check out our Website www.leyla-jouvana.de under WS/CODE



Certificates C.O.D.E. (Certified Oriental Dance Education)
All our workshops are accredited within the C.O.D.E. system and can be booked separately and independently of one another. We can give written proof of any workshops taken and all can be considered as qualified stages in your oriental dance education - even if you never take a formal exam.


 Leyla Trommel Fuss-min

26. & 27.01.19 CODE Rhythms Part A * 
Intensive WE 10h with certifcate and optional exam!

Sat WS1 12 am - 2 pm Zills, drums & dance, various Rhythms &

Sat WS2 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Rhythmlessons, explanation / interpretation various Rhythms/Drumpatterns

Sat WS3 4:45 pm - 5:45 pm 1001 Shimmies of Shimmy Queen Part A, Layers & Travelling

Sun WS4 11 am - 12 am 1001 new Shimmies, Part B, Layers & Travelling 

Sun WS5 12:15-16:15 Exclusive Tabla Drum Solo & Drum Solo analysis

New High-Energy-Choreo & own compositions of the Queen of Live Drum Solo
& Roland The King of Drums. Incl. Rhythms-, Choreographie- &

WS1, WS2 each 30€, both  55€ / WS3, WS4 each 17€, both  30€ / WS 1-4 82 €
WS5 55€, all WS Sat & Sun = 130€, Sun Exam (optional)!


Leyla WS hoch Hose Lila

16.02.2019 WS Kizomba - Lady Styling

Basic exercises and sexy sensual combos with mini-choreo. Discover and unleash your feminine energy and body language! Basic steps with elegant and confident use of the hip, "buttocks", 
upper body, shoulders and arms. Coordination, isolation and release of blockages. 
No dance partner required! Preparation for the Kizomba women's part! 
Please bring dance shoes with heels!Sun 12 am - 2:00 pm - 35 €16.02.19 Shaabi Mahrajan - Modern Cairo Street Dance

Bombastic choreo, cheeky, wild & sexy to the party hit NaNa Oka & Ortiga. In addition stage presence, background knowledge, facial expressions and gestures!

14:30 - 17:30, 50 €,

both WS = 75 €


 Leyla Balkan hoch

23. & 24.03.19 CODE Folklore Part A * 
Intensive WE 10h with certificate & exam (optional)!

Folklore can be so sexy and feminine! Positive energetic dances from Egypt!

As you would expect from Leyla, these fulminant choreos set new standards with beautiful audible music! Incl.cultural backgrounds, music, instrument and costume studies, with Facial expressions, gestures and stage presence. Women Power Pure!

Sat WS1 12: 00-15:00 Upper Egypt Saidi & Saidi Doublestick with choreo lesson
Sat WS2 15: 30-17:30 Fun Dabke! Technique, combos & choreo
Sun WS3 11: 00-14:00 Saidi Drum Solo, technique & small choreo
Sun WS4 14: 30-16:30 Melaya Leff Alexandria, Technique, combinations & Mini Choreo, 
please bring melaya scarf

2h WS each 35 €, 3h WS each 50 €, 1 day 75 €, both days 135 € *
exam can be agreed in addition! Pls ask. 


Leyla Andre Elbing

06.04.19 Raks Sharki a la Leyla Jouvana

New breathtaking short classical dance, elegant and sophisticated with unique
feminine charisma, technique and stage presence to "Sahranin" Nagham Al Hob.
With choreo teaching, harmony and symmetry teaching!

Sat 13:00 - 16:00 Technique & Choreo 49 €


 Leyla Arme Hoch Elbing

01. & 02.06.19 CODE Classical Part B *
Intensive WE 10h independently of Part A bookable!
With certificate & exam (optional)!

Sat WS1 12: 00-14.00 Technique 2a, Posture, Arms, Poses, Geometric Figure with step combo

Sat WS2 14: 30-16:30 Dance technique 2b, 2 to 6 paces with Arabesquen & twists

Sat WS3 16: 45-17:45 Raks Sharki Routine Analysis, Entree & Final

Sun WS4 11: 00-12:00 Continuing Raks Sharki Routine Analysis, Entree & Final

Sun WS5 12: 15-16:15 Classical dance routine "Raks Jamila"
Leyla's most beautiful Raks Sharki routine with unbeatable technique and effects, with all important details Your dance vocabulary will at least be polished up to the next level!This choreo just has it all: bombastic entrée, Raks Sharki midsection with mini balady part & different rhythm!

WS1, WS 2 each 30 €, both 55 € / WS3, WS4 each 17 €, both 30 € / all 4 WS 82 €
WS5 55 € / all WS Sat & Sun = 130 €, examination possible on request


 Leyla Projektgruppe quer

 Project Showdance Group 2019

For advanced dancers only. The group develops and prepares skilled choreographies for the Oriental festival, the Easter Dance Weekend, Dance days etc. Entry into the dance show group also possible at a later date after these events. Group discussion and agreement on theme, costume ( type and cost), choice of styles eg Bollywood, Melaya, Shamadan, Stick, Saudi. Sword, Andalusian, Spanish Gypsy, African , Samba etc.

Dates and times for rehearsal below, can be altered if needed to suit the individual group members. Overnight stays in studio can be arranged for those from further afield.

Some extra rehearsals/try outs may take place without Leyla.

Dates 2019

06./07. July - 03./04. Aug - 07./08. Sep - 05./06. Oct - 02./03. Nov

Saturdays 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm & Sundays 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Costs: 40,00 € (per day)






















In addition all workshops during the 26th Oriental Dance Festival of Europe OFE