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Dancing School

The studio of more than 280 square meters offers ample space for dancing courses, oriental parties, workshops, bazaars and other events. The studio is divided into two dancing halls. Each of them is furnished with a 16 meter long mirror and a special dance floor. There are toilet facilities (3 toilets) and a shower, where you can freshen up after longer performances or dances. Additionally you will find a oriental boutique, where you can buy dancing costumes, dancing equipments and accessories. Further information on performances, shows, events, prices etc. can be obtained by phoning or faxing us under telephone number: 0049-(0)203-20229.

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Leyla Jouvana's Centre for Oriental Dance

Clauberg Str. 20 - 22

47051 Duisburg

(250m from Central Station, in the YMCA-House, 3rd floor)

Tel & Fax 0049-(0)203- 20229 & 0049-(0)203- 2984060

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