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Superstars Intensive Weeklong

All Workshops will take place at the Danceschool Leyla Jouvana in Duisburg Wedau

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 Superstars Intensive weeklong - CODE Deluxe

Mon. 25.11.- Mon. 02.12.2019

You can expect daily top-class workshops with

* Marta Korzun

* Magdy El-Leisy

* Nadia Nikishenko

* Leyla Jouvana & Roland

* Elisa Saha

* and more

The booking of individual workshops is possible.

Personal certificate and exam (on request)

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The Star-Instructors

Leyla & Roland Jouvana 

 Leyla Roland Trommel hoch

Award winning dancer & percussionist

Leyla  Jouvana (staatl. anerkannte Tänzerin &  Bühnenchoreographin & 
C.O.D.E. Ausbilderin zur Tänzerin, Bellydancer  & Zumba-Instructor (Belgrad/BRD) & 
Roland (staatl.  anerkannter Trommler), eines der gefragtesten Künstlerduos 
der Welt mit zahlreichen Auszeichnungen, z.B.:

-Halima Award (BRD): „Shimmy Queen", "eine der besten Tänzerinnen in Europa, eins der erfolgreichsten u. größten Orient.Tanzstudios in der BRD, eins der erfolgreichsten und größten Orient. Festivals in Europa" (jährl. zum 1./2. Advent - Ende Nov./Anfang Dezember- in Duisburg/BRD mit einem Zuschauerrekord von 4.500 Zuschauern)

- Die Giza-Akademy (LA) verlieh Leyla Jouvana den Titel: "Beste Live-Tänzerin und Trommelsolo-Interpretin"

- Bellydancer of the world in 2007 - 2018, Deutsche Meister 2016 & 2017, Niederlande Champions 2019 - Dutch Open (Leyla´s Show-Gruppen, Ensemble und Formationen mit den Choreographien von Leyla Jouvana)

Leyla und Roland Jouvana sind ganzjährig (an den Wochenenden) auf Welt-Tournee. So gastierten sie bereits in über 40 Ländern aller Kontinente und coachten über 90.000 Schüler weltweit mit ihrem gefragten Ausbildungs- und WS-Konzept. In ihrer eigenen Tanzschule in Duisburg bieten sie Kurse für Anfänger bis Master und Ausbildungen zur Tanzlehrerin mit Zertifikat C.O.D.E. (Certified Oriental Dance Education). Zahlreiche ihrer DVD-Produktionen waren/sind weltweite Bestseller, wie z.B. „21 Shimmies & 1001 Variations", „More Shimmies" und „Layers with Leyla" (IAMED Hollywood Productions). Ferner verzeichnen sie mehr als 500 TV-Auftritte und Veröffentlichungen auf Magazin-Covern im In- und Ausland.

Marta Korzun - (RUS/UKR)
 Marta hoch

We are proud to present Marta Korzun

Marta is a belly dance star from Ukraine, one of the most prestigious master teacher and bellydancer in the world.

She is a unique performer and teacher of Raks El Sharqi, has her own unique individual style.

She started her career in 2006. During this time she was taking part in different competitions in Ukraine and abroad, including Cairo.

She attended a lot of workshops with such a great masters of oriental dance as Kazafy, Raqia Hassan, Mahmoud Reda, Khaled Mahmoud, Randa Kamel, Wael Mansour,Yousry Sharif, Aida Nur, Lubna Emam, Amir Thaleb, Hatem Hamdy and many others, including Ukrainian and Russian famous teachers.

From USA to Japan, from Europe to Australia - her work is known and loved all over the world! Beautiful lines of hands, sculpted accents, spectacular posture and of course the extraordinary charisma! All this just make you fall in love with Marta and recharge a lot of energy !!!

Variety of movements, exclusive technique, complex elements in the hips (and belly), beautiful and exquisite work hands - all this Marta.

She is a magnificent, talented and fascinating dancer! Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the best to upgrade your own style of dance!


 Magdy El-Leisy (EG/GER)
 Magdy El Leisy hoch

Dancer, teacher und choreographer for oriental dance

Magdy' s first activities were in a sport club, where his interests then developed and led him to ballet. In Cairo is an Academy for Music and Theatre, with a department in ballet. This school was established under Russian supervision. From 2600 candidates for the entrance examinations to school was Magdyone of six boys and eleven girls accepted.

Magdy El-Leisy began his systematic training at the age of nine and completed his studies as best student of his class. At the age of eleven, Magdy was already participating in performances at the Cairo Opera.

In Germany he performed with the State Theatre of Karlsruhe, with the Theatre on Gärtnerplatz in Munich and with the Ballet in Essen as a principal dancer. Lateron, Magdy stopped his career in ballet, to work only for the oriental dance.

Beside his career in ballet, Magdy El-Leisy has danced Egyptian folklore with many well-known artists in theatre, film and television productions, including Nagwa Foad and Kamal Naim. He has travelled to many Arabic and European countries with the Egyptian folklore troupe of Kamal Naim. 

Now Magdy El-Leisy is a famous and popular teacher, dancer and choreographer for the oriental dance almost all over the world.










Nadia Nikishenko (RUS/UKR)

 Nadia Nikishenko hoch

Nadia Nikishenko is a dancer with outstanding individuality.

Her amazing creativity and her ability to materialize her fantasies on stage is the source of unique oriental fusion style. Her performances are theatrical pieces oozing with sincere expression of feelings and emotions. Improvisation is one of her main artistic principles which make her performance even more in the moment and her connection with the audience nothing short of spellbinding.

Nadia's amazing technique and extraordinary oriental fantasy performances made her one of the most well-known oriental dancers in the world. Her first appearance on the European stage in Duisburg in November 2010 took the audience by surprise and she was recognized as one of the highlights of the Program! click here for the video

Nadia Nikishenko since then is featured at the biggest festivals in Europe, Asia & America.

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Elisa Saha (GER)
 Elisa Saha hoch

Elisa found her passion for bellydance and since then not only focusses on Oriental Dances but also Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion Bellydance and Indian Dances/Fusion. Her main interest was dancing in groups and the fun of the classical improvisation. She completed her certificate as a BlackSheep BellyDance Level 1 teacher in 2012 and gives weekly classes in Wuppertal. Attending weekly and monthly national and international classes in Tribal Fusion, ATS, Oriental Dances and Indian Dances/Fusion she completed the ProTrack in August 2016 at Tribal Umrah, a weeklong dance intensive with renown teachers like Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Samantha Emanuel, Ashley Lopez and many more.

In 2015 she strived to teach Tribal Fusion classes in Wuppertal and since 2017 also Oriental Dance in Düsseldorf and now at Leyla Jouvanas & Rolands Center for Oriental Dance in Duisburg/Germany . Her passion to dance with others next to her Solo dancing brought her to dance in Leyla Jouvana's show group and Cristina Zegarra's 'Coaldust'. Other important projects are her
collaboration with her aunt Heike Humphreys aka Akasha, the BlackSheep BellyDance duet 'Crystal Moon' and her joining Lisa Müller-Albrecht's 'Con-Fusion' in 2017.

Her personal style combines her love for alternative music and the play with the classical and unusual movement repertoire from the interest in natural religion, subculture and her favourite ages, Jugendstil and 1970's.